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158 Portland Timbers Песни & усилвател; Футбол песнопения

Футболен отбор в MLS-West, USA

458 Tetris / Korobushka Chant The relentless building block puzzle game Списък за изпълнение
1289 Green Is the Color Written by Peter Yates Списък за изпълнение
1340 Cleats Up Timbers! Instructions to turn cleats in an upward direction Списък за изпълнение
1738 The Star Spangled Banner Timbers singing their proud anthem before the opening match Списък за изпълнение
3453 Timbers Vs. Sounders Tifo U.S. Open Cup match June 30, 2010
4022 Tin of Flounder For the shittle flounders
4551 We Are Mental Tune: “You are my Sunshine” Списък за изпълнение
4626 Give Beer a Chance Sung for our beloved alternate 'dry' facility, Merlo Field
4987 Portland Timbers, Here We Go Portland Timbers, here we go Списък за изпълнение
5856 So Somos Timbers We are Timbers. We will win!
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6387 We're the Timbers Army Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It melody Списък за изпълнение
7469 Can't Help Falling in Love - Portland Can't help falling in love with the Timbers. . .make it your ring tone Списък за изпълнение
7613 PT-FC initials of the Portland Timbers Football Club Списък за изпълнение
9251 What's It Like to See a Crowd? To the tune of Oh My Darlin' Clementine
9521 Portland Boys, We Are Here just to let you know
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